One professionally reported and written, à la carte, BS-free testimonial from a real human who loves your business and is ready to tell the world about it costs about 20 cents per word when you get it from us. Most freelancers charge close to double that. We won’t get into what PR firms cost, because it makes us sad.

Here’s how we can get away with being so inexpensive: We’re good at what we do, so we can do it efficiently. We think you’re more likely to come back if the price makes sense and if, more importantly, you get a great feature on time.

Regular pricing: $49.99 each

Your first Honest Ghost feature: Free!

Consistent Content pricing: $499.99/12 stories (one per month for the price of 10)

If you already know the perfect raving fan for your business and you’re ready for us to reach out to them for a short feature, we’re ready for you.

Other Services

Ghost writing services: $0.20/word

Don’t need a client feature? We can put our efficient wordsmithing talents to use for you in other ways. If you need a new intro or description for your website, a blurb that describes your business on social media, or a chunk of text for ad space you bought, we got you.

Social media management: Prices vary

On top of content creation, we also know how to distribute it on social media channels and keep the conversation going with your audiences across multiple platforms. If you don’t have the time or know-how to commit to a full-time social media presence, we can bridge that gap for you.