So ALL of your writers are pros?

Clean writing, professional conduct with your customer in interviews, and quick turnaround are all part of what makes this whole thing work, so yes. Your story will be sourced and written by a professionally published writer and reporter. We don’t hire anyone to write who hasn’t written professionally before; no bloggers or interns are “breaking in” with us.

How long does it take to get a story?

All of our writers have tight deadline experience, so a quick turnaround is to be expected. When you contact us to write a story, we guarantee our first efforts to contact your customer or client within one day. From there, it depends on the responsiveness of the source. In most cases, you can expect to have our story in your email inbox within a day of completing our interview with your customer.

What if I find a mistake or something’s missing?

We’re pros, so we expect mechanically perfect copy. That said, we’re also humans. If you find a grammatical, punctuation or spelling mistake, we’ll 1) send over a corrected version and 2) offer a refund. With errors of fact (names, ages, etc.), a full refund will be issued only in the event that the error was the reporter’s mistake, and not the source’s.

If there are content changes you’d like to see made, let us know and we’ll discuss an updated draft. The story is for you – you should love it.

OK, I can use a story on my website. But isn’t 350 words too long for social media?

It depends on how you plan to use content, but research continues to show that younger readers are still looking for long-form content, even if they do tend to lose interest as the post continues on. Typically, the first 40 characters are the most critical on Facebook. That’s why we write good leads, and focus on people. People like reading about other people.

On the Millennial scale, 350 words isn’t War and Peace, but it qualifies as a longer read. That’s why we focus on making every word count and creating compelling stories. What we provide for your use is the written content itself; how you use it is up to you. We can even consult on that front. You could pull several quotes from our story and re-purpose them as social posts, for instance, or you can overlay them on photos to create graphics. Or, you can write a short post for social media and then link to the full story on your site.

Why would reporters do PR/marketing?

In journalism exists a line between news and PR. The saying goes:

“Reporting is saying what people don’t want you to know; everything else is PR.”

What the saying assumes is that “everything else” isn’t true! We take issue with that.

Our job is to help you celebrate your customers, so their stories reflect real-life experiences with your business and provide social proof that you’re doing the right thing. Their stories already exist, and they are valuable, affirming, often even motivational or redemptive. We make sure the important parts of the story get told in the most effective way possible.

In other words, we don’t need to put on a fake smile and do a cheesy testimonial or play hype-man, because we believe in the value of real-life storytelling, and that’s what we’re doing here.