How It Works

Chat with us.

Interviewing strangers is second nature to us, and we have a general idea of what we’re looking for with our questions. But we can’t read your mind (yet). We like to meet you on the phone or over email to get a feel for the vibe you’re creating, that’s got your customers so excited about you. That info helps guide our conversation with your client.

Name your champion.

Finding people to tell your stories is the easy part. You know who your biggest fans are: They’re the ones who have added you as a friend on Facebook. They’re your regulars. They’re the people you know on a first-name basis because you’re just that good at cultivating relationships. So, all you have to do is ask if they’d be up to chat with us – and we’ll help you figure out how to do that, too. (Because it can be kind of awkward.)

We contact your BFF.

Once they know we’ll be getting in touch, we reach out and set up a time to talk with your client. Typically we only need 10-20 minutes – again, we’re really good at this! – but sometimes we have such a good time talking with them that our conversations go on longer. We cater to their schedules. When they have time, we make time.

We start wordsmithing.

Once we finish interviewing your rock star customer and get what we need, we do two things: We send you an invoice, and we get to writing. We guarantee a turnaround of one day from the time we’re off the phone with the client to the time the story is in your email inbox.

The crowd goes wild!

Your polished prose is yours to do with whatever you see fit, though we can heartily recommend blasting it out on social media and adding it to your website and/or blog. Additionally, it’s a good idea to tag your client so their friends and family can see their story. Friends and families love stories.