What is Honest Ghost?

Stories matter. 

We are a small-but-mighty team of writers with decades of professional reporting and interviewing experience for newspapers, magazines and websites. We know how to talk to people, but more importantly, we know how to listen.

Our expertise lies in capturing readers’ interest, and connecting with them on a meaningful level. We write tight, 350-word features with two goals in mind:

  • Show your biggest fans how much they mean to you, and
  • share their stories to get everyone else excited about your business.

We interview your willing clients about their experiences with you and your business, and we tell that story in short-article form, in their own words. We focus on what’s interesting and compelling, and how it makes both you and the client look.

We don’t misspell anything. We don’t botch grammar. We don’t biff it on punctuation.

We give the VIP interview treatment to your clients to make them feel special – because they are – and to make your audiences feel connected as a community.

“Honest Ghost” sounds weird.

We’re ghost writers, and we’re helping your fans spread the truth about how you roll. Sometimes things are exactly what they sound like.

Why ghost writers?

We don’t byline, or sign our names, on our stories, because it’s not about us (and also, because we’d be lousy ghosts if we did). It’s about you, and it’s about your customers.

So, wait – these aren’t testimonials?

The difference between our features and testimonials: Testimonials are stories about you. Our features make your client the star, with you as the supporting cast.

We don’t like “testimonials.” That word reminds us of odious, paid-for advertising from people who aren’t real customers. You know those TV snake oil ads you see with “paid actor” and “results not typical” flashing on the screen? That’s not what we do. We tell stories.

In fact, we really don’t even consider ourselves “PR,” at least not in the traditional sense. We’re not here to rescue your reputation or balance out some nasty reviews. We aren’t twisting anyone’s arms into giving you a shout-out. Quite the opposite: We recognize that you are crushing it when it comes to customer service, so we can feel good about spreading the word.